menba gentei

メンバー限定 • \ meNbaːgeNtei \

Translated as "members-only," signifying content exclusive to the VTuber's paid members. YouTube has a paid membership system for eligible YouTube channels that allows access to certain perks and content unavailable to public viewers; such content is classified as "members-only." This includes members-only messages, emotes, videos, streams, and other content. Commonly shortened as メン限 (mengen). Can also be spelled as memba gentei, menbaa gentei, or menbā gentei.
Example sentences:
▸ "Kanata said that she's doing a "menba gentei stream," I believe that means she'll do a members-only stream."

warning “” Because this is originally a Japanese term and not considered slang, we would advise not using this word in English. Instead, refer to its translation “members-only” for clarity.


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